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Wilton Golf Club Gents Results

Please could all members ensure that they rake the bunkers after playing their shot, Thank you


Wilton GC Men's Saturday Competition Results:


 Open Results On The Opens Page.


Position Name Score Voucher  Sweep
 Div 1          
 1st  S P Thompson                      63 NETT  £17.00   £12.00 
 2nd  L Jones                     66 NETT (b9)  £14.00 £6.00
 3rd  C Harrow                      66 NETT  £12.00 £4.00 
 Div 2        
 1st  B Martin

                    67 NETT      

£17.00  £12.00 
 2nd  G S Ellis                       68 NETT £14.00  £6.00
 3rd  D Wright

                    69 NETT (b9)

£12.00 £4.00 
 1st  J Smith                        64 NETT                                £17.00  £12.00
 2nd  P Mableson                        68 NETT    £14.00  £6.00
 3rd  D Dobson                        71 NETT (b9) £12.00  £4.00 
      Michelle Trophy Winner S P Thompson                   
      Runner Up                        J Smith (19 H/Cap)    
      Maximun h/Cap of 18 to win the trophy    
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